Financial Statemnts


  • Monitor cash reserves and investments
  • Prepare Profit & Loss Statements &  Balance Sheet
  • Prepare quarterly reports and report on variance


  • Assist with preparation of the budget
  • Implement financial policies and procedures
  • Establish and maintain cash controls
  • Establish, maintain and reconcile the general ledger
  • Monitor cash reserves and investments
  • Prepare income statements
  • Prepare balance sheets and monthly financial statements
  • Prepare quarterly reports and report on variances
  • Assist with any other accounting duty
  • Maintain the computerized accounting system
  • Maintain financial files and records

Payroll & Tax Compliance 

  • Ensure new employees are properly documented, files are established and maintained
  • Oversee administration of benefits entitlements
  • Verify and report on benefits payments  & annual leave records
  • Verify and code timesheets and hours worked
  • Calculate employee salaries, deductions and contributions
  • Review payroll reports, summaries, journals and reports
  • Calculate source and miscellaneous deductions
  • Ensure pay cheques are processed and distributed
  • Make adjustments to the payroll as necessary
  • Federal & State Tax compliance & Liabilities

Sales Tax, Income Tax and Corporations 

Federal & State Corporate Income Tax

Federal & State Personal Income tax

DC/MD/ VA  State Sales Tax Preparation

Corporations :Incorporating-Ammending-Re-instate

Start-up planning
State Business Registrations


Accounting Office and Procedures Implementation

Customized General Ledger Chart of accounts for new corporations 

Employee Training
Computerizing Accounting System 







We have experienced with the following industries:

Construction, Architects, Engineers, Restaurants, Retail,

Government Contracting, Travel & Tours,

Media Magazines, Jewelry & Artist


We are experienced with the following accounting software:

QuickBooks, Peachtree, Globalware, and TRAMS


  • Prepare and reconcile bank statements
  • Establish and maintain supplier accounts
  • Processes supplier invoices
  • Maintain the purchase order system
  • Ensure data is entered into the system
  • Issue checks for all accounts due
  • Ensure security for all credit cards and verify charges
  • Ensure transactions are properly recorded and entered into the computerized accounting system